the Eye side of Varvara

IMAGO is the division dedicated to visual art. According to its parent festival Varvara, it includes music and visual art, introducing them in an active collaboration game. The current trend sees audio and video together for immersive and complete proposal and fruition, IMAGO conjugates music, images, installations, new live graphic technology, as a real picture of a brave present.

IMAGO 2017

Friday 15th December
•Ex Cimitero San Pietro in Vincoli h. 21
3d Video Mapping live by High Files
Music by OB_MAG Live
•Superbudda h. 23
Ticket 10 €
// Morphology Live
(Semantica Records / Zyntax Motorcity)
// Anything Pointless Live
(Superbudda Production)
// Bakked Dj Set
(All Off Tape)
// Alessandro Nigro & Andrea Vietti dj set
(Land Of Dance Records)
Visuals by VJs Borderline

Saturday 16th December
•Magazzino sul Po h.21
Ticket 10 € for ARCI
// URUK Live
audio/video by Thighpaulsandra (Coil) and Massimo Pupillo (ZU)
// GRUNGE Live
audio/video by luca sigurtà and – aaron inker –
music by Paolo Spaccamonti and Paul Beauchamp, video by Pepita Cikita Zeta

Location & Ticket:
Ex Cimitero San Pietro in Vincoli
Via San Pietro in Vincoli 28, Torino

Docks Dora Via Valprato 68, Torino
Ticket 10 € for Superbudda

Magazzino sul Po
Murazzi lato sinistro, Turin
Ticket 10 euro for ARCI

IMAGO 2016

Performance audio/video and random visuals di: Fredster / Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo – S. De Ponti / E. Moretti –  Andreina Polo Ponnydú – Paola Daniele / K. Lunarine – Vincenzo Gioanola – Valeria Ferrari – Cy Tone – Francesca Arri – Andrea Daddi – U.N.O. – Cikita Zeta

IMAGO 2015

Photo and paints by: Plinio Martelli – AkaB – Alex Gallo Revoltmasked – Fiore di Giada (Omega Kunst) – Ekate in Pace & Sabrina Casiroli – Alessandro Caligaris – Beppe Conti – Andy McFly – Isabella Indiesigh – Andrea Marchetti – Bianca Asmara Curti – Serena Debianchi – Zelda Ambra Pizzato – Giulia Lungo – Alessia Cannova – Dario Timpani